Unity Sabatical

I have always wanted to visualize experiments with my agents and algorithms. I could never find time to learn a real-time graphics program. Since last year, i considered learning Unity 3D Engine. With Unity, i would also be able to make simple games, something that has interested me for a long time.

So i have the opportunity to put my academic career on hold for a year (the whole of 2022) and just learn Unity. I’ve already made my first game – called Reach the Red (available on the Google Play store). And currently i’m working on visualizing an agent in a gridworld where ther agent has some simple goal seeking behaviour. I want to see how the agent behaves, given different planning algorithms. Perhaps i’ll release a program/interface where the user can choose a task or environment, and select the planning algo and play around with the applicable parameters to see how it changes the agent’s behavior.

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