Second Year at KU Leuven

I’m working on the topic of an agent learning a non-Markovian reward model, given the agent’s interactions with it environment — a Markov decision process (MDP). It is taking me longer than I hoped to get results.

I am also the daily advisor of three Masters students. The topics are

  • Extending and developing a better understanding of my work on “probabilistic belief revision via similarity of worlds modulo evidence”.
  • Investigating probabilistic belief update and an analysis of partially observable MDP (POMDP) and dynamic Bayesian Networks (DBN) methods to do so.
  • A simplification, analysis and implementation of my work on maximising expected impact of an agent in a network of potentially hostile agents.

I am also involved in setting up one of the topics and evaluating students in this semester’s Capita Selecta course. The topic I am leading is Safe AI and Reinforcement Learning.

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